Fortune Tea House is Your House

We are passionate people serving rich Chinese food. Fortune Tea House is a venue where you can dine on the world’s favorite take out food. If you want a great dining experience that will fill your appetite and senses, come over and savor Chinese food done the Fortune Tea House way.

To us, cooking is like a symphony where no note is lost. Flavor is king, and we want you to savor every bit of it. We celebrate the Fortune way and we’d love for you to be part of it every day.

With all things said and done, we want you to feel good from the moment you sit down, order, and up to when you dine and finish your meal. Our primary endeavor is to give you a pleasurable experience you can truly share with everyone that matters in your life.

Our Branches

The secret to great dining is the right pairing of food with just the right ambiance. No flashy gimmicks, just great food on your table. We want to make you feel a celebratory atmosphere when you come to Fortune Tea House branches.

When you visit any of our branches at Newpoint, SM Clark, Vista Mall, and MarQuee Mall (Fortune Express), you will experience the same atmosphere and taste that we strive to achieve in our food. What better way to know this than to get a first-hand look at what we offer.

Come over to dine in or take out, we’ll be glad to serve up the richest Chinese food for you.

Our Food

Rich food for less is our mantra. We know that Chinese food has one of the most diverse flavors in the world. We serve food you can enjoy at a price you can afford.

Our menu has a complete range of meals including the best ingredients available fresh from the local market. You’ll find classic favorites like dumplings, lumpia shanghai, and noodles mixed with new variations to Chinese food and other Asian dishes. If you’re unsure what to order, we have a list that our Chefs’ personally recommend that will surely be a treat to your taste buds.

Our food is made to make you feel the festiveness of Chinese culture and the warmth of the Filipino taste. Come over and see that you’ll find it that our dishes will surely make you say

Our Menu

Our menu is for anyone craving fast, delicious, and delightful Chinese meals with a Filipino heart. Our servings vary from solo to a big set that can satisfy up to 15 stomachs.


Classic Pinoy merienda you can enjoy anytime and anywhere.


Variety of soups with an even wider variety of taste.


This dish is the most popular offering of the Chinese to the world.


Whether you dine in for lunch or take out for dinner to enjoy at your home, we have you covered.

Rice Topping

Getting tired of the bland rice toppings from so-called Chinese restaurants? Try our menu and you will see and experience real Chinese flavors.


Savory stew perfect for any weather


Fresh vegetables handpicked to satisfy your cravings.


Cooked to perfection and just the right flavor to delight you.


We make sure that you’ll taste and enjoy every beef dish we serve.


Chicken at it’s finest Chinese treatment.


For those who love the sea, this is for you.


Enjoy crispy and crunchy Chinese-style roast meals


Get all the good things in one plate. Choose from our menu and savor the flavor and aroma of real Chinese food.


Don’t water down your food. Down them the most pleasing way.


Everyone loves desserts. Get them here at Fortune Tea House.

Chef's Recommendation

Our chef’s recommendation are a surefire way to give you a pleasurable and social media post worthy experience.


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Craving for authentic Chinese cuisine? Swing by our branches at Newpoint Mall, SM City Clark, Vista Mall Pampanga, and Vista Mall Bataan to satisfy your appetite for delicious food.


Business Hours: 10:00AM – 9:00PM